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Tenfold Infomedia provides unparalleled results for our clients and to become an essential part of their team that helps them meet or exceed their goals. It’s simple, We treat all projects and contracts as if they were our own, providing unbiased recommendations on the best technology, tactics, and mediums to help drive profit — and to take the proper road, not the easy road.


Since 2007

With over 14 years of combined experience in business analysis, help-desk support, retail sales and data management, We offer you prompt and professional business solutions.

We have spent the last decade working in well-known and major organizations learning how to meet and exceed the needs of all stakeholders involved.

Allow us to tackle your current and future Business Development & Operations concerns.

From IDEA to Realization

Competitive Analysis

First of all, we stay abreast of what’s happening in our clients industry, what our clients competitors are up to in terms of products and service offerings, pricing, marketing strategies, etc.


This industry knowledge is then combined on an on-going basis with understanding of our client’s business strategy, how our client’s benchmark against their competitors and, in addition, how their service/product offering would be perceived on the marketplace. Consequently, providing a constant 360 degree view for the client.

Market Research

We provide understanding of our client’s new market, market conditions and how the client’s offering would need to be adapted in order to capitalize on the available opportunities.


Especially relevant, we bring our creative team of web developers, graphic designers, and tech analysts to our client’s business. We identify possible ways to improve our clients offering, marketing, sales/sales channels and pricing.


We prioritize the new business opportunities we have identified, compare potential returns for each new opportunity to the cost our client’s would need to incur to capitalize on the opportunity. Due to this, your company also gets a thorough cost-benefit analysis for decision making. 


Finally, we help our client’s to bring the new opportunities we have identified and prioritized to fruition. Whether this involves help in negotiating internally or externally with various stakeholders TENFOLD INFOMEDIA is there to help you every step of the way. As a result, giving your business a trusted ”Biz Dev” partner.


Interim Management

Our teams can flex from one part-time person to a full suite of professionals and executives managing your business. 

Business Development

Whether you are a global corporation or an entrepreneurial start-up. Tenfold Infomedia offer professional resources, experience, and commitment to support your vision of success in any industry or business venture.

India Market Entry Services

INDIA continues to welcome companies and investors from countries around the world. There are opportunities in every state and industry; Tenfold Infomedia will work to help streamline your entrance into this exciting and growing marketplace.

Creative Services

With over 600 global creative minds Tenfold Infomedia can help you from designing your brand website to creating custom applications for your business.

Brand Management

Our brand strategists take brands apart and put them back together as stories, with all the elements and dynamics they need to be told compellingly. Your brand is shorthand for what you and your service stand for.

Information Technology

Maximizing your investment in technology requires a grasp of the big picture without losing sight of the smallest details. At Tenfold, we understand what's required for people, processes and technology to effectively interact so your organization's strategic goals can be met.

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